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Iran FM Spox.: Isfahan incident has no military value

Referring to the recent incident in Isfahan, spokesman of the Iranian foreign ministry said, “The recent incident was not of great importance, and even the Israeli regime refused to propagate it because it was not valuable.”

Addressing his weekly presser on Monday, Nasser Kan’ani, the spokesman of the Iranian foreign ministry answered questions raised by reporters about the recent developments in the region and the world.

Regarding Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps’s missile and drone operation dubbed ‘True Promise’ against the Zionist regime, Kan’ani said that in this operation none of the residential targets or ordinary citizens were targeted in the occupied territories.

The goal of this operation was to punish the Zionist regime, he added.

The crime committed by the Zionist regime against the Iranian consulate in Damascus was a violation of the provisions of the United Nations Charter and a violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of a United Nations member state, Kan’ani noted.

Iran, based on its inherent, legitimate and recognized right from the perspective of international law, took the necessary military action to create deterrence, he said, adding in this operation Iran attacked two military and intelligence headquarters of the Zionist regime, which were directly involved in the criminal operation of the attack against Iran’s diplomatic headquarters in Damascus.

Referring to the recent incident in Isfahan, he said, “The recent incident was not of great importance, and even the Israeli regime refused to propagate it because it was not valuable.”

Those objects were quadcopters that attempted to conduct operations but were shot down by Iran’s defense system, and the foe could not benefit from this move, he said.

The spokesman added that Iran has proven it will not hesitate to respond to any party when it comes to maintaining its national security, and in line with its continued measures, Iran will keep on defending its national security in accordance with international laws.

If further sanctions are imposed on Iran, it would be considered as a reward for the aggressive Zionist regime, he said, noting that such a move would also be seen as an illegal deed against a government, which resorted to legal measures to deter this belligerent regime.

He also argued that it is regrettable that the European Union has not spoken out against the Zionist regime, which has been conducting aggression against the people of Gaza for nearly seven months and is engaged in massacres and genocide, but the bloc speaks about imposing sanctions on Iran, and if they do so, the act will be documented as a shameful action in history.

Security in Caucasus priority for Iran

Security in the South Caucasus is one of the important priorities of Iran’s foreign ministry and other relevant bodies, and this issue affects the security of the region, Kan’ani


The presence of foreign military does not contribute to peace, stability, and security and securing the interests of the regional countries, he said adding that it leads to the strengthening of militarism in the Caucasus region and will damage the security of that region.

Iran used all its diplomatic power to secure its rights

Iran has used all its diplomatic power to secure the rights of the nation, especially in the issue of lifting the cruel US sanctions, and has never withdrawn from these methods, Kanaani said.

We will continue to use all our diplomatic power in line with realizing the nation’s rights in the form of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

The issue of lifting sanctions continues to be raised in the international meetings, he added.

It was also discussed on the sidelines of the UN Security Council meeting, he stressed.

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