Who We are

H2 News Agency is an independent and one of the most up-to-date media companies in Iran, merging two generations of challenge and experience into a team of talented and highly-motivated individuals collaborating with some of the prime broadcast news channels, newspapers and wire services across the globe.
H2 was founded in 2006 with valuable ideas and an open-mindedness policy in broadcast production and services across the Middle East.

H2 has obtained all required and essential licenses and permits for media activity in Iran.


H2 News Agency provides you with high-quality media products including news reports, prime indoor-outdoor Live services, features, and information services to international TV networks, media channels, and publications as well as exclusive interviews with a wide range of high-rank officials, top experts, knowledgeable analysts, artists, and so forth in Arabic, English, and Spanish with cost-effective rates. No matter day or night, the durable 24/7 readiness of the committed crew for years sets us apart to always be there for you in case of any requests at any time.On the other hand, the entertainment division of the company produces and provides top content for TV and news websites encompassing documentaries and feature packages with advanced and modern materials and devices to fully assure them. Furthermore, H2 has many freelance contributors serving national clients, services, and resellers. Altogether, our team is prepared to help you and fulfill your requests through detailed planning and arrangement.  

Bear in mind that our consulting sector will be at your service in order to have a better and mutual understanding of your schedules, please contact: Booking@H2media.tv

Our Services:

H2 News Agency coverage at a glance

We cover the most important events and produce and distribute media products, such as breaking news, news reports, Live services (indoor & outdoor), exclusive interviews, light stories, voxpops for clients in English, Arabic, and Spanish. 

The entertainment division of the company produces and provides content for social media, including documentaries and feature packages.