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Zionist regime war machine should be stopped: Ahmadian

TEHRAN, Dec. 06  – The Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali-Akbar Ahmadian has stressed the need to stop the Israeli regime in its war against the people of Gaza through international cooperation.

Ahmadian made the remarks in a meeting with Liu Jianchao, head of the International Liaison Department of the Chinese Communist Party.

In the meeting, Ahmadian emphasized promoting fully-fledged relations in the political, economic and commercial fields within the framework of the previously signed 25-year comprehensive and strategic agreement between Iran and China, which was signed in 2020.

Appreciating the positive role of the Chinese government in the Security Council and supporting the Palestinian people, the SNSC chairman said, “The Zionist regime’s war machine in killing the oppressed Palestinian people must be stopped with all-out international efforts.”

Liu Jianchao, for his part, announced China’s readiness for the full-fledged development of cooperation within the framework of the 25-year strategic agreement.

Appreciating the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in maintaining regional peace and stability, the Chinese official added, “China supports Iran’s policies to establish stable security in the region.”

After explaining the interventionist actions and the negative role of the United States in different regions of the world, he emphasized mutual cooperation to deal with American unilateralism.

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