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Raeisi: Iran nuclear activities solely for peaceful purposes

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi says that Tehran has proven that it is not looking for a nuclear weapon and is only using nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

The Iranian President made the remarks in an interview for an Algerian TV network during his recent visit to Algiers.

Having access to nuclear energy is the inalienable right of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Iranian president said, adding that Iran uses nuclear energy for the sake of improving the livelihood of the people.

What the Westerners, especially the Americans, express concern about is that Iran allegedly wants to use nuclear energy to build an atomic bomb, he said, emphasizing that the country has many times stated that it will use nuclear energy solely for peaceful purposes.

So far, no deviation has been observed in Iran’s use of this energy and industry, Raeisi underlined.

He further stressed that the IAEA supervises Iran’s nuclear industry and has officially announced 15 times that the nuclear industry in Iran is peaceful.

Iran’s adherence to the peaceful use of nuclear industry is not because of the prohibition of countries that have nuclear bombs themselves, but it is based on our belief, Raeisi further noted.

“Why these countries (Westerners) are not worried about the Zionist regime, which has nuclear warheads?” he asked.

This indicates that they are seeking to put pressure on Iran because of its independence and authority, Raeisi said.

“We did not leave the negotiation table even now because we have logic and those who have logic are not worried about negotiations,” Raeisi said elsewhere in his remarks, referring to the negotiations on reviving the 2015 nuclear and lifting anti-Iran sanctions.

The Iranian president also strongly criticized the United States for violating the JCPOA deal and the European parties for not adhering to their commitments under the deal.

Elsewhere in the interview, the president was asked to comment on Iran’s relations with other countries.

“We have no problem with the Arab countries and despite the enemy’s efforts to create Iranophobia in the Arab countries and in the region, today, thank God, we have favorable relations with the Arab countries,” he said.

He further cited that the states who sought to normalize relations with the Israeli regime really stabbed the Palestinian people in the back and the Palestinian people will not forgive them.

“Today, in front of the eyes of the whole world, the biggest crime against humanity is taking place, and according to statistics, at least 30 thousand people, including oppressed and defenseless women and children, have been martyred in Gaza,” he said, adding that since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Islamic Republic of Iran has supported the oppressed in the world as one of the fundamental principles of its foreign policy.

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