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President Vows Iran’s Stern Action against Corrupt Minds Behind Kerman Attack

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said the corrupt brains that masterminded and the dirty hands that perpetrated the fatal terrorist attack in Iran’s Kerman on January 3 will be dealt with severely.

“The corrupt brains of those who have designed this terrorist crime and the dirty hands of perpetrators will be decisively dealt with,” President Raisi said in a telephone conversation with his Turkmen counterpart Serdar Berdimuhamedow on Thursday.

In the phone call, the Turkmen leader condemned the terrorist and inhumane crime of attacking people in Kerman, expressing condolences on the martyrdom of a number of Iranian citizens on behalf of the government and nation of Turkmenistan.

The Wednesday’s twin blasts at an event held in commemoration of the fourth anniversary of the martyrdom of late commander Lt. General Qassem Soleimani resulted in the tragic loss of 84 lives and left 284 individuals injured, with some in critical condition. Medical authorities have grimly predicted a potential rise in the death toll.

Daesh (ISIS or ISIL) terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Thanking the Turkmen president for his expression of condolences, Raisi said Iran’s relations with Turkmenistan, as a friendly and brotherly neighbor, are at a very good level.

“With the will that exists between the high-ranking officials of the two countries, good steps will be taken in the development of relations between the two countries,” the Iranian president added, his official website reported.

Raisi then referred to the failure of the Zionist regime to achieve its declared goals in the attack on Gaza, saying, “Historical experience has proven that such terrorist actions will not only not bring results to the perpetrators and supporters of terror, but will reveal more and more the criminal nature of this regime and its supporters to the people of the world.”


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