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Over 100 Killed in Blasts at Commemorative Parade in Southern Iran

Two blasts occurred at an event held in Iran’s southern city of Kerman in commemoration of the fourth anniversary of the martyrdom of late commander Lt. General Qassem Soleimani, killing at least 103 people and injuring 188 of others on Wednesday.


The first blast happened at 15:04 local time as people were packed on a road leading to a cemetery where the tomb of General Soleimani is located.

The second blast occurred 13 minutes later.

Reports suggest that at least 103 people, including children, have died in the twin blasts, and 188 others have been wounded.

Provincial officials have described the incident as a terrorist attack.

Meantime, sources told a reporter in Kerman that the perpetrator or perpetrators of the attack have exploded two explosive-laden suitcases with remote controllers.

Also, dozens of people were injured in a stampede in a state of panic after the blasts.

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