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Next retaliatory operation will not be limited: Pres. Raisi warns Israeli regime

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi warned Wednesday that if the Zionist regime makes the slightest act of aggression on Iran’s soil, it will be dealt with a powerful and fierce blow.

President Raisi also said that Iran’s retaliatory operation against the Israeli regime, dubbed Operation True Promise, was “limited” and “punitive”.

He made the remarks at the parade of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army on the occasion of National Army Day.

“The army stands by the nation and acts to defend the homeland, territorial integrity, and the values of the Islamic Revolution,” he said.

He noted that what distinguishes Iran’s Army from other armies in the world is its faith in God and reliance on divine power.

“Our army is a skilled and trained one,” the president said. “The army is equipped with modern innovations and technologies. The equipment that had to be maintained by other countries before the Islamic Revolution is being updated today by the capable hands of our armed forces and army.”

He further noted that the well-equipped and up-to-date army along with the powerful Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and our armed forces are the sources of the country’s authority, adding that regional forces can “rely on our armed forces.”

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