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Most UNSC members condemn Israeli attack on Iran’s consulate

New York – In an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, most representatives except Westerners and few of their allies have condemned the Israeli regime for its deadly airstrike on the consular section of the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, warning that the regime’s action could cause further unrest and chaos in the region.

According to IRNA’s correspondent, Russia’s ambassador and representative to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia during the security council meeting, deplored the Israeli attack, saying it will intensify regional conflicts.

Russia: Israel has targeted civilians

Russia’s envoy to the UN said his country condemns the targeting of Iran’s embassy building in the strongest possible terms, adding that “we never approve of an attack on a diplomatic mission”.

The diplomatic immunity of embassy employees should be respected based on the 1963 Vienna Convention, Nebenzia stated but acknowledged that this is not the first Israeli attack on civilians in Syria.

Since the October 7th last year until today, we have witnessed the multiplication of Israeli actions against civilians, and over the past few months, Israeli jets have targeted various airports, including in Damascus, which has been the gateway for UN humanitarian aid to the Arab country.

China: Israeli actions will lead to more chaos

China’s deputy representative to the United Nations also condemned the Israeli action, calling it a violation of Syria’s territorial integrity.

Twenty years ago, the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia was targeted by an American airstrike, and several people were killed. We understand the pain and sadness caused to the people of Iran as a result of Monday’s attack, and we express our sympathy to them, Geng Shuang underlined.

He further stated that Israel’s action is a gross violation of the Vienna Convention and that it should not be allowed to take such reckless moves against diplomatic missions.

Algeria: Israeli violation cannot be tolerated

The ambassador and permanent representative of Algeria to the United Nations also expressed his sympathy and condolences for the Iranian military advisors who were killed in the Israeli attack on the Iranian consular building in Damascus.

“Such cases of the violation of international obligations by the occupying Israeli regime cannot be justified or tolerated,” Amar Bendjama told the Security Council.

He noted that the Israeli attack in Syria at the time when Israel is facing pressure for a ceasefire in Gaza, shows a deliberate disregard of the request of the international community to stop hostilities.

The aim of such a deliberate action is obvious as Israel intends to drag the entire region into conflict and it shows the occupying Israeli regime’s feeling of immunity and considering itself above international law, the Algerian diplomat emphasized.

Western silence on Israeli attack

The ambassadors and representatives of the United States, Britain and France, the three veto-welding UN Security Council members refrained from condemning the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate, which led to a sharp reaction from the Russian ambassador to the UN.

In this meeting, France without condemning the Israel crime, called for restraint. The Russian envoy took a jab at the French representative and said: You did not say a word in condemning the violation of international laws by Israel. If your own consulate was targeted, would you have reacted the same way?

Nebenzia also targeted the United States and said Washington is always proud of getting first-hand information, but it did not get anything regarding the attack on the Iranian consulate, and this is unbelievable.

Reaction came after the deputy ambassador of the United States to the UN said that “Washington had no involvement” in Monday’s attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria and “had no initial knowledge of the attack”.

According to IRNA’s reporter, Robert Wood also refused to confirm Israel’s involvement in the attack in his speech on Tuesday evening local time.

The American diplomat rather repeated baseless anti-Iranian claims and as usual accused Iran of fueling tensions and using Israel’s war on Gaza as a cover to launch attacks against Israel through regional resistance groups.

The UK’s deputy ambassador to the UN also without condemning the action of the Israeli regime said that London is worried about the potential escalation of tensions in the region.

James Kariuki also used anti-Iran rhetoric in his speech and blamed Iran for supporting “resistance groups such as Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, and Houthis as well as those in Syria and Iraq.”

The Swiss representative said at the emergency meeting that these actions have raised the level of tension in the region but avoided condemning the Israeli regime.

Most of the representatives participating in this meeting condemned Israel’s act of aggression, but the three permanent representatives namely the United States, Britain, and France as well as two non-permanent members, Japan and South Korea refrained from condemning the attack of the Zionist regime on the Iranian diplomatic mission in Syria.


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