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Iran’s FM Spox: Iran’s response to Israel based on substantive rights

Referring to the IRGC attack on Zionist bases on Sunday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said that Iran’s response was exercised based on substantive rights to self-defense under Article 51 of the UN Charter.

Senior Iranian diplomat Nasser Kan’ani made the remarks while speaking at his weekly press conference on Monday morning.

Regarding Iran’s recent operations against the Zionist regime, Nasser Kan’ani stated that we can not still estimate the diplomatic positions of the US.

Saying that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a security-generating power, Kan’ani stressed that the country’s action in attacking the military headquarters of the Zionist regime was carried out in line with the exercise of the substantive right of legitimate defense under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, considering the Israeli regime’s recent aggression against Iran’s diplomatic building in Damascus.

He noted that the Iranian diplomatic apparatus and the country’s armed forces acted completely professionally in the recent event and gave a legitimate response to the aggressive act of the Zionist regime.

Iran had issued the necessary warnings before the military action, he added.

Iran does not seek to develop tension in the region, Kan’ani said, noting that Iran adheres to international standards and laws and will always act to deter and punish any aggressor.
He stressed that Iran’s action was necessary, proportionate, and aimed at military targets.

He further pointed out that considering the lack of action by the United Nations and the UN Security Council and the irresponsible behavior of the United States and several European countries in deterring the Zionist regime’s crimes, Iran took action in the form of legitimate defense.

He continued that it is expected that other countries including the United States pay attention to Iran’s logical and responsible response and appreciate Iran’s actions which are to protect regional stability and security instead of taking irrational positions.

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