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Iran FM Spox.: Iran determined to strengthen regional security, stability

Iran has a serious determination to strengthen the stability, security, and sustainable development of the region, the country’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson says.

Nasser Kan’ani made the remarks while speaking at his weekly press conference on Monday morning.

“We consider the strengthening of relations with all the (littoral) countries of the Persian Gulf as the most important factor for the realization of stability, collective security, peace, and sustainable development for the entire region,” the senior Iranian diplomat emphasized.

On Tehran-Riyadh ties

Referring to the bilateral relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Kan’ani said that consultations and dialogues are underway between the two sides at the political and economic levels.

“We have had economic issues on the agenda since the beginning of the resumption of negotiations between the two sides, and both sides are unanimous on this matter, and the talks are ongoing.”

He further cited that currently, an Iranian ministerial delegation including the Iranian economy minister is visiting Riyadh in order to participate in the meeting of the Islamic Development Bank.

IRGC largest anti-terrorism force in world

Elsewhere in his remarks, Kan’ani stressed that the members of the European Parliament would have been exposed to terrorist threats if the IRGC did not fight terrorism.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is the largest anti-terrorist force in the world, he said, calling on the EU to make the right decision and think correctly about the IRGC.

He went on to say that Iran condemns any terrorist action against citizens or against diplomatic places in any part of the world. “Iran stands with its friends, including Russia, in the fight against terrorism. Terrorism is a common threat to all countries of the world.”

The senior Iranian diplomat also criticized certain countries for using terrorism as a tool to achieve their illegitimate goals.

On US military aid to Israeli regime

“The issue of Palestine is the most important regional and international issue,” he went on to say, urging an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and sending humanitarian aid to the besieged enclave.

If the US sought a ceasefire in Gaza, it could help stop the war by immediately cutting off financial and political support for Israel, he underlined.

“The American government did not prove its competence and honesty in this field.”

Kan’ani also added that Iran will continue its diplomatic efforts until reaching a ceasefire and stopping the war in Gaza.

On Iran-Iraq security agreement

Touching upon the implementation process of the security agreement between Iran and Iraq, Kan’ani said that the security agreement between the two neighboring states aims to ensure the security of the common borders of the two sides and confront the sources of insecurity.

“Our demands from Iraq are very clear, a part of this agreement has been implemented and another part of it is being pursued. Iran’s expectation is the full realization of the goals of the agreement between the two sides.”

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