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Iranian missiles destroy Mossad HQ in Iraqi Kurdistan: IRGC

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps confirms it has targeted the espionage headquarters of the Zionist regime in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region with ballistic missiles as part of an operation against anti-Iran terror groups and networks in the region.

The IRGC in three separate announcements linked the overnight operations to terrorists and their backers involved in the recent terror attacks in the Iranian cities of Kerman and Rasak.

Two earlier statements published by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps clarified that it fired a number of missiles on spy centers and the gathering of anti-Iran terrorist groups in parts of the region, including in Syria.

A third statement addressing to the Iranian nation, the IRGC announced the targeting and destruction of the Mossad headquarters in Iraq’s Kurdistan with ballistic missiles for its role as well as the plot the Israeli regime’s spy agency hatched to assassinate Iranian and resistance commanders.

“In response to the recent evil acts of the Zionist regime in martyring IRGC and resistance commanders, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, with its nobility and intelligence, targeted and destroyed one of the main headquarters of Israel’s spying agency Mossad in Iraq’s Kurdistan region by firing ballistic missiles”, the IRGC statement said.

“This Mossad headquarters has been working for espionage operations and a center for terror attacks planning in the region, especially against our beloved country”, the statement added.

Also, the IRGC statement once again assured the Iranian nation that Iran’s operations will continue until the last drops of martyrs’ blood are avenged.

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