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Iranian Bioscience Capsule Successfully Launched by Indigenous Salman Launcher

The newest Iranian space bioscience capsule was successfully launched a few hours ago by the indigenous Salman launcher.

The development is aligned with the thirteenth administration’s dedication to revitalizing diverse segments of Iranian nation’s space sector and enhancing expertise in space bioscience.

This scientific, research, and technological capsule is a step toward the envisioned human space exploration.

Launched to an altitude of 130 kilometers from Earth’s surface, its goal is to develop essential technologies for space endeavors.

Commissioned by the Iranian Space Agency and developed by the Aerospace Research Institute of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, the 500-kilogram capsule underwent extensive testing of space mission technologies.

This encompassed propulsion, recovery, speed control, impact mitigation systems, capsule aerodynamics, parachute mechanisms, as well as control and monitoring systems for environmental conditions, among others.

The Salman launcher is the first version of this launcher class, capable of launching half-ton bioscience capsules. The Aerospace Industries Organization of the Ministry of Defense developed the entirely domestically produced launcher, which features advanced attributes in propulsion, aerodynamics, and control.

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