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Iran scorns US’ ‘invalid’ report on terrorism

TEHRAN, Dec. 02 – The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman roundly rejected the US State Department’s annual report on terrorism, saying such a one-sided report lacks international credibility.

In a statement on Saturday, Nasser Kan’ani dismissed the annual country reports on terrorism released by the US government, saying, “The US’ annual country reports on terrorism, which are compiled with the agenda of depicting the dissenting countries as a threat, lack international credibility and acceptability and do not change the realities of the countries’ genuine efforts at serious fight against terrorism.”

He said the international community and the world’s public opinion are now in a better position to realize and judge the US government’s paradoxical activities in the battle against terrorism 20 years after the release of those “one-sided and biased” American reports began.

“The US, by changing the facts and fabricating false stories, cannot bring into question the resistance movement’s legitimate and internationally-recognized measures in the region in the struggle against occupation with the false tag of terrorism,” Kan’ani stated.

It has become clear that the US is the main government held accountable for creating, training, arming, and guiding the ISIL terrorists, he noted, adding that Washington is also the chief side complicit in the crimes against humanity and the genocide of Palestinians as it has provided full support for the Israeli regime’s state-sponsored terrorism, provided the Zionists with various bombs and lethal weapons, repeatedly vetoed the UN Security Council’s resolutions on ending the bombardment of Gaza, and had a role in the brutal massacre of over 15,000 civilians in Gaza.

While the US government has admitted that former American officials have been involved in the assassination of late Iranian commander Lt. General Qassem Soleimani, it continues to shirk responsibility for that crime and punishment for its perpetrators and plays the role of a plaintiff in a shameful manner, Kan’ani stated.

He also took a swipe at the US for sponsoring and sheltering terrorists, facilitating their travels, and financing them, saying Washington that has created a safe haven for the ringleaders of the terrorist Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) and other terrorists and saboteurs in order to advance its foreign policy plots has officially resorted to terrorism as a tool and continues hypocrisy in this regard.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran condemns the US’ support for terrorism and will keep up efforts to disclose the US government’s blatant hypocrisy regarding terrorism,” the spokesman concluded.

In its latest country report on terrorism, the US State Department accused Iran of sponsoring terrorism and facilitating a wide range of terrorist and other illicit activities around the world.

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