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Iran Navy to get new hovercraft equipped with long-range missiles

Iran’s Navy Commander Admiral Shahram Irani has announced that the Navy will soon take delivery of new hovercraft with long-range missile capabilities, as part of ongoing efforts to modernize and upgrade the force.

“We have successfully modernized our aging fleet in all dimensions, ensuring entirely Iranian capabilities. Additionally, we have prepared and modernized our aerial fleet,” Irani said on Saturday.

“New hovercraft with long-range missile capabilities will soon be added to the naval fleet,” he added.

The Admiral emphasized significant improvements in missile capabilities of Iran’s Southern Fleet, both in terms of quantity and range, with missiles boasting a range of 1,000 kilometers.

In addition, the commander said that the operational readiness of all classes of submarines has also been significantly enhanced, especially that of the Fateh-class submarine.

In the field of drones, Irani said the Navy has “made great achievements” in boosting both the range of its UAVs as well as their reconnaissance and destruction powers.

The advanced drones have helped the Navy achieve “aerial superiority”, which is crucial in maritime operations, he pointed out.

The commander also said that the Navy has effectively deployed dual-purpose torpedoes produced by Iranian defense experts, and pledged further breakthrough in that sector.

He said the Navy is now in possession of the first domestically-manufactured electronic-warfare helicopter and has equipped its first reconnaissance helicopter.

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