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Iran may host IAEA officials before BoG meeting in June

Officials from the International Atomic Energy Agency may visit Iran in the coming days as the Islamic Republic and the agency are working to finalize a draft text for bilateral cooperation before the IAEA Board of Governors (BoG) meet next month.

Iran and the IAEA have already begun talks over the draft text following the last week trip by the agency’s director general Rafael Grossi to Tehran.

During his visit, Grossi and Iranian officials agreed that an agreement, which Iran and the agency reached in March 2023 and is known as the March Statement, is used as the basis of mutual cooperation.

The two sides are now making efforts to finalize the draft text before the Board of Governors’ meeting on June 3-7 when Grossi will submit his report to the Board.

Based on the draft, Iran-IAEA cooperation will take place within three sections. The first one is related to past issues regarding the possible military dimension (PMD) of Iran’s nuclear program, which had been closed under the 2015 nuclear deal. In this section, talks are held over two key sites disputed by the IAEA.

The second section is related to existing conditions, and the third one is related to the IAEA director general who should play a role in resolving issues that are mainly political.

With Iran and the IAEA working to finalize the draft text, officials of the agency are expected to visit Tehran in the coming days for further negotiations in this regard.

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