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Iran Executes Four agents, Linked with Mossad

The members of a team of saboteurs affiliated with the Zionist regime’s spy agency were executed in Iran on Friday morning after being convicted of acting against the country’s security.

The chief of the Iranian Justice Ministry in the West Azarbaijan Province had announced on October 24 that 10 people affiliated with the Zionist regime were arrested.

Atabati had said the members of the team were being directly guided by the Mossad officers and were tasked with detecting the Iranian security forces.

According to the Justice Ministry official, the arrestees were being paid for intelligence operations in the provinces of West Azarbaijan, Tehran and Hormozgan.

The members of the team were in direct contact with the Mossad officers and were involved in several missions for setting fire to the homes and cars of the people linked with the Iranian security organizations, the official said, noting that the arrestees had been even involved in several futile assassination attempts against the Iranian security forces.

Four of the 10 convicts, including three men and a woman, were hanged on Friday morning on a charge of corruption on Earth and Moharebeh (war against God and the state) through intelligence cooperation with the Zionist regime with the purpose of upsetting Iran’s security.

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