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Iran determined to develop interactions with neighbors

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Ali Bagheri Kani says that Tehran is determined to develop interactions with its neighbors and other countries of the region.

Referring to the strategic interaction of the current Iranian administration with the neighboring countries, the senior Iranian diplomat stressed, “Among the countries with which we have and will have favorable relations is Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has unbreakable historical, cultural, and religious ties with us.”

The Iranian government has a serious will to develop interaction with regional and neighboring countries, he added.

Bagheri Kani went on to say that Iran has a de-escalation approach toward its neighbors and does not let any foreign party take advantage of the possible gaps between Tehran and its neighbors.

“By consolidating strategic ties with neighboring countries, including Azerbaijan, we have a strong will to create a stable region with cooperation and collective security,” he further stressed.

The requirement for the withdrawal of the US from the region is to have a brotherly, friendly, and unbreakable bond with the neighboring countries, and this is a strategic and decisive decision of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, he continued.

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