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Iran Deplores UNSC Resolution on Yemen

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran denounced the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2722, initiated by the US, as a cover-up for the fulfillment of Washington’s political objectives in support of the Israeli regime’s relentless crimes against Gaza.

In a statement on Friday, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kanaani slammed the UNSC Resolution 2722 that was introduced and ratified with the United States at its core as the main supporter.

“The resolution allegedly seeks to protect navigational rights in the Red Sea, but in fact it is a cover for fulfilling the US’s political goals in support of the Zionist regime and the continuation of the regime’s crimes against the defenseless people of Gaza,” he said, the Foreign Ministry’s website reported.

He noted that the US administration, instead of taking a decisive measure to put an end to the Israeli regime’s crimes, continues to stand by the occupying regime with full political, military, international, and diplomatic support.

Kanaani noted that three months have passed since the start of the destructive and inhumane military strikes by the Zionist regime against the defenseless people in the Gaza Strip and the massive demolition of houses as well as the urban, medical and health infrastructures.

He added the US move to torpedo a Security Council resolution that, among other things, calls for an end to the Gaza war, actually stymies the fulfillment of the Security Council’s duties to maintain international peace and security and opposes the international community’s demands to stop the slaughtering of Palestinians and establish truce.

“The US passed the UN Security Council resolution by putting pressure on council members and by ignoring the root causes of the crisis and tension in the region, to allegedly focus on the navigational rights and freedom in the Red Sea, but its main goal was to legitimize the self-styled US-led ‘naval coalition’ in order to achieve certain political goals and establish a shield it needs to help the Israeli regime continue its war crimes in Gaza,” Kanaani stated.

The remarks by the US envoy at the UN Security Council session on what he called “all countries’ navigational rights and freedom in the Red Sea” are only aimed at distracting the attentions from the reality of the occupying regime’s ongoing crimes in the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories, he noted.

Iran dismisses the unfounded claims by the US, the spokesman added, warning that any provocative and irresponsible move by Washington can endanger peace and security in the region.

The spokesperson urged the UN Security Council to fulfill its duties in dealing with the reasons behind the situation on the ground and tension in the Red Sea.

“The UN Security Council has to immediately take decisive measures to force the Israeli regime to stop the bloodshed and fully implement the resolutions 2712 and 2720 in order to facilitate and ensure the quick, safe and unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians across the Gaza Strip,” he stated.

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