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Gen. Salami: IRGC to punish Zionist regime for consulate attack in Syria

The Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami declared Friday that the IRGC will punish the Zionist Israeli regime for the terrorist attack on Iran’s consulate in the Syrian capital.

Salami made the remarks at the Quds Day rally in Tehran on Friday.

“The Zionist regime is like a dagger that the satanic British regime stabbed the body of the Islamic nation with 75 years ago,” Salami said, adding that “Zionist regime is still alive with the United States’ artificial respiration.”

“Whenever this Western artificial ventilation is removed from the nose of the Zionist regime, this regime’s protected life would end and collapse. This issue is near and not far,” he added.

“The Zionists think that the more they massacre the Muslims, their position will be strengthened, but this is just a dream,” the IRGC commander further said.

“The messages we receive from inside Gaza say that they have no problem in their steadfastness against the Zionists,” he went on to say, adding that “They [Gaza Resistance groups] say, be firm, we will bury the regime in Gaza.”

“Finally, the land of the Palestinians will return to themselves, and there is no way to save the Zionists,” further asserted the IRGC chief.

“The only way for the Zionists is to surrender and we will see that,” he continued.

“All the occupied lands are within the range of Muslims’ fire,” he also said.

“Our brave men will punish the Zionist regime and the regime cannot escape from the seditions it creates,” Salami continued.

“The regime is accessible and knows what will happen,” he further warned, adding that “No single action from any enemy will go unanswered.”

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