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H2 News Agency is an independent and one of the most up-to-date media companies in Iran, merging two generations of challenge and experience into a team of talented and highly-motivated individuals collaborating with some of the prime broadcast news channels, newspapers and wire services from around the globe.

H2 News Agency was founded in 2006 by Mahmoud and Hami Hamedi, two Iranian media entrepreneurs with valuable ideas and open-mindedness policy in broadcast production and services across the Middle East. Mahmoud provides the team with his golden experiences of his adventures since 1980…Read More

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H2 News Agency produces and distributes media products, such as news reports, Live services (Indoor & outdoor), interviews, features and other information services to international TV networks, media channels and publications in both Arabic and English. The entertainment division of the company produces and provides content for TV and news websites. The provided content includes documentaries and feature packages.                  The H2 also has many freelance contributors that serve national clients, services and resellers.

  • Covering the latest news, events and stories
  • Fixer, coordinator & translator
  • Shooting videos
  • Editing videos
  • Researching and planning before the coverage
  • Documentary production
  • Client workspace
  • Experienced camera crews
  • Editing suite
  • Indoor and outdoor live studios
  • Press visa
  • Transportation

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H2 Team

Hami Hamedi
Hami Hamedi
Founder & CEO

Hami holds 22 years of experience in working with various prominent media around the world, cooperating with Reuters, CNN, RTL, ALAAN TV, Al Arabia, RT, and Ruptly.

Hami had been the representative of AL AAN TV in Iran, from 2006 to January 2019, and is now the official representative of Ruptly video news agency in Iran. He provides video services for CNN television.

He is also a media Expert and political analyst. He had covered public opinion in Iran regarding Iran’s nuclear negotiations in Geneva. Hami keeps innovation alive in his news coverage and management skills.

Mahmoud Hamedi
Mahmoud Hamedi
Administer Director

Mahmoud has professional experience of cooperating with WTN, UPITN, UPI, and AP. From 2012 to 2015, he had also worked for the Reuters office in Iran. Mahmoud has worked with many TV channels, like RTL, Aljazeera, France24, Kuwait TV, Dubai TV, Dubai 24, and LBC in Lebanon. In recent years, he has been the representative of CBC from Canada and ENEX from Luxemburg in Iran.

Mahmoud has the experience of covering significant events of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Iran-Iraq war, the events of the death of the leader and founder of the Islamic Revolution, Roudbar, and Bam earthquakes as well as Iran nuclear agreement.

Khashayar Hamedi
Khashayar Hamedi

Khashayar has been working in the field of news for 6 years as a translator and producer. He has a Master’s degree in energy architecture. There is little room for doubt that his problem-solving skill and openness to feedback and criticisms are undeniable. Furthermore, he began to carry out activities including fix and coordinate exclusive interviews, write news script, translate news from English to Persian, monitoring news, conduct meetings.

Saman Shams
Saman Shams
Fixer & Coordinator

Master degree in visual communications from Azad University and more than 8 years of experience in work as Fixer and producer for foreign media like ALAAN TV and Tehran Bureau Chief DOTMSR News website and CNA TV as coordinator. Saman is a very active person and has good experiences in women’s issues.

Mohammad Mirafshari
Mohammad Mirafshari
Producer & Translator

As part of his many operational duties at H2 Media, Mohammad observes News, produces news and video packages. He is one of the persons who are responsible to find interesting and viral-valued subjects. Besides other colleagues, he is in charge to translate packages into English. He acts as a field producer when it’s needed.

During his professional life before H2 Media, as a corresponding journalist, he worked in/with prominent news agencies such as Borna news agency, YJC news agency, and AVA News agency. As a radio producer and TV coordinator/writer, he worked with prominent stations such as Radio Javan (IRIB) and Sahar universal network. He has vast experience in authoring and translating articles for some of the high-ranked Iranian websites as well. He carries enormous experience in Public relations (PR) too.

Mohammad holds a Bachelor’s degree in theoretical economics and a Master’s degree in media management.

Farzam Saleh
Farzam Saleh
Head of Photo Department & Photographer

Photographer of Sports groups at Iran News Network (IRINN), Jam-e Jam TV (2002-2011)
Photographer and photo editor of Borna News Agency (for 7 years)
Member of the Podium sports documentary photo group
Held 2 a sports documentary photo exhibition with the Podium group at the Silk Road Gallery
Lecturer of Ted Talk at Pars University, 2017
Attended the Handball World Cup in Qatar, 2017
Attended the World University Students Olympics in South Korea, 2015
Attended the Paralympics in Brazil, 2016
Attended the University Students Olympics in China, 2017

Hamed Bagherirad
Hamed Bagherirad
Head of Video Department & Senior Cameraman

Hamed has the experience of editing videos and also making promotional teasers in various fields (conferences, seminars, news, exhibitions, etc.)

He has been working for H2 Media since July 2019. During this time, he has been acquainted with the latest news techniques. Hamed is proficient in working with digital and analog cameras as well as various lenses.

Iman Ghafari
Iman Ghafari
Cameraman & Editor

Iman has 12 years of experience in photography and video making. He studied cinema and graduated in photography and filming. Iman has been working with H2 Media team since 2019 and has been acquainted with the latest news standards and how to prepare news reports.

Alireza Hashemi
Alireza Hashemi
News Monitor Officer

Alireza started this monitoring the news when he was a junior university student. While working at H2 Media, he has got acquainted with the latest updated media production standards. He is aiming to be a professional in the media field. Alireza also knows Arabic and studies biomedical engineering.

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