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H2 Media production is an independent and one of the most up-to-date media companies in Iran, merging two generations of challenge and experience into a team of talented and highly-motivated individuals collaborating with some of the prime broadcast news channels, newspapers and wire services from around the globe.

H2 Media was founded in 2006 by Mahmoud and Hami Hamedi, two Iranian media entrepreneurs with valuable ideas and open-mindedness policy in broadcast production and services across the Middle East. Mahmoud provides the team with his golden experiences of his adventures since 1980, before the Islamic Revolution in Iran and during the Iran-Iraq War. Hami also re-equips the members with his present-day knowledge of media, who has led the company to successful achievements during the sanctions time. 

Besides, the company members also include millennials and Generation Z, executing novel methods and ideas. They invite all international news networks and media channels – from producers and reporters to editors, documentary filmmakers and freelancers – in order to share ideas and cooperate in a forward-looking way. Whereof, H2 Media team is proud to provide its clients 24/7 with daily videos, photos, and text updates on important news, interviews, vox pops, and live streams, studio services in English, Arabic and other languages as requested.

H2 Media is currently cooperating with CNN, ABC News, CBC, Ruptly Video News Agency, RT, European News Exchange Agency (ENEX) and some other news agencies and media on account of having the privilege of unlimited access to the news sources, trusted links to Iranian officials/organizations, as well as limited access to the latest news updates.

Ultimately, H2 Media is ready to provide you with its personnel, studio facilities, technical capabilities, visa services, camera crew, live Studio, and support to ensure reliable and trouble-free news coverage, observing the highest international standards in television production. Our offices are located in the heart of Tehran, the capital of Iran at a very short driving distance from all major official and governmental locations.

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Our team - staffed by experienced operators who understand the unique demands of live events coverage- will be on site and provides full-service production and technical management at every stage of the events


H2Media produces and distributes media products, such as news reports, interviews, features and other information services to international TV networks, media channels and publications in both Arabic and English. The entertainment division of the company produces and provides content for TV and news websites. The content provided includes documentaries and feature content packages. M2Media also has many freelance contributors that serve national clients, services and resellers.

News production

We have a team of producers, reporters and cameramen who are always there to cover any breaking news and official press conferences, and/or any other major event on behalf of our clients. These services include submitting - via FTP - daily rushes, interviews and photos – in English and Arabic.

Production Services:

  • Reporter, Cameraman, Fixer, Coordinator, Audio-Visual Equipment, Lighting Kits, Digital Editing Studio
  • Site Planning, Coordination
  • Coordination of SVG and Flyaway Vehicles
  • Mobile Transmission, Studio Playout, Fixed Uplink Transmission, Encryption

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We set up Camera Crew H2 Media to meet the demands of a growing number of producers whose working language is English and who want to shoot in Iran and neighboring countries. We are based in Tehran with quick access to other Iran cities. We have a wide network of multilingual crews on call 24/7 who speak the same language as you to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation. Furthermore we offer production services that cover every aspect of film and TV production.

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H2 Media for newsgathering services is pleased to put at your disposal its personnel, studio facilities, technical capabilities, Visa services, Camera crew, Live Studio, and support in the Iran capital Tehran to ensure reliable and trouble-free news coverage at the highest International Standards in television production. Our offices are located in the heart of the Iran capital Tehran at a very short driving distance from all major official and governmental locations.

Email Address: Booking@H2Media.TV
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Internal Manager
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