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UK Envoy Summoned over Accusations against Iran

The UK ambassador to Tehran was called to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in protest at the “baseless accusations” the British authorities have made against Iran.

Following the UK government’s continued accusations against Iran, Simon Shercliffe, the British ambassador in Tehran, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday.

In a meeting, the director general of Western Europe Affairs of the Foreign Ministry informed the UK envoy of Iran’s strong protest.

Denouncing the “illegal” sanctions the UK has imposed on Iran under false pretenses, the Iranian diplomat described the accusations made by the British authorities as baseless and strongly condemned them.

He considered the British government’s ongoing efforts to create a negative atmosphere against Tehran as another instance of non-constructive and destructive actions towards Iran, saying such efforts are doomed to failure, the ministry’s website reported.

“This is a bitter historical irony. A country that is the founder and supporter of organized terrorist groups, drug trafficking, and criminal gangs, is simultaneously engaging in throwing accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran and its loyal and honest forces, who are on the front line fighting against organized crime,” the Iranian diplomat added.

The British ambassador said he would convey the situation to London.

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