Your Eyes in Iran

Iranians hold nationwide rallies to mark Islamic Rev. anniv.

Rallies commemorating the 45th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in February 1979 commenced across the country on Sunday.

About 7,300 domestic and foreign journalists and reporters are covering the national event, which is taking place simultaneously in 1,400 cities and over 35,000 villages from all over Iran.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi is to address the 22-Bahman rallies at Azadi Square, southwestern Tehran.

Before the start of the rallies, children and teenagers attended routes that converge at Azadi Square, carrying the Iranian flag and wearing head bands with slogans on them.


Ten-Day Fajr celebrations, commemorating the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, will be held in 140 points in over 70 countries of the world.

The victory of the Islamic Revolution, which took place in over 10 days in February, is named Ten-Day Fajr (Dawn).

Additionally, the ground-to-ground missile Qiyam (Uprising) has been put on display along the route to Azadi Square.

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